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Glass textures?
mewmew wrote in minecraft
Does anybody have some good recommendations for glass textures? I really don't like the default look of glass in Minecraft. It's too hard to see through because of all the "reflected light" on the blocks. I'm working on making a big aquarium to lure a nearby squid into and I want to be able to actually see him through the glass when I'm done. I've been looking around but so far haven't had anything jump out at me as being the perfect glass look for my aquarium.

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I love this texture pack to death. There are many customization options, be sure to explore all of it. :) There is an option for a very subtle glass texture, seen here:

Is it at all possible to leave out some of the options they have there? I want to keep default squid but they don't seem to have a default option or a way to unmark all squid choices. there's been a couple others that I'd rather leave as defaults, too.

Oh, and there's
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Oh, and there's <a href"">Misa's realistic pack</a> too

Have you tried looking at Painterly? They offer a variety of glas. I have a completely customized look for minecraft myself with clear glass.

Dokucraft has really nice glass! :)

Just edit the normal texture in photoshop/gimp, you could lower the opacity of the just the light reflections and keep the squid tex the same

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