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korby, ow
korby wrote in minecraft
Hello minecraft, I've been neglecting you, and for that I'm sorry.

If you're new to Minecraft, or still on the fence about buying it or don't know what to do, there are some YouTube video series that you may want to give a look.

The first one is SeaNanners. To date he has made 14 Minecraft videos (link to episode one). He's a pretty amusing guy, getting into some hijinks here and there, serenading chickens and screaming like a little girl when encountering creepers underground. I'd say he's really more entertaining than informative, but if I see a new video of his pop up on my subscription list, it's the first one I always click on.

Next up is davidr64yt, better known as simply X. His Minecraft series (episode 1 link) is 44 episodes long, and on hold at the moment as he'll only be posting new videos as each new Minecraft update is released. Despite the waiting involved in his videos, they're pretty informative and a little addictive, as I watched them all in about one night, and considering that there are 44 of them, each about 15 minutes long, that's roughly 11 hours of Minecraft for you to watch.

Finally, we have paulsoaresjr with his How To Survive series which is at 18 episodes currently (first episode). Lots of good information to be found here, though he does go a little slowly, and if you're a little more experienced in the game, you may find yourself wishing he'd just quit talking and explaining and do his planned tasks already. I'd say his is the most tutorial like series I've seen so far. He does have a tendency to speak a little quietly, so you may find yourself turning up your speakers for him.

EDIT: Also (how could I forget), I've been dipping my toe into the whole YouTube Minecraft scene. All I have so far is just this 27 second test video I made to get a feel for the process and see what the video and audio quality is like, but I intend to make something more substantial eventually, perhaps even with me talking during it, but I can't seem to get the audio levels quite where I want them for that yet, so there's more offline tinkering to be done there on my part before posting any further.

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The one I've been watching so far is jx23 (currently 44 episodes). His is more of an unintentional "What NOT to do when playing Minecraft" series, but I still like his commentary.

I do kind of want to watch some of these others at some point, though.

As for actually playing the game, when I heard about the upcoming Halloween update, I decided to lay off for a bit and wait for that, and then start a new game when it gets here.

The Halloween update won't require you to make a new world to see all the features, in case that's why you were taking a break for now. Just plop down an obsidian portal in an existing world and you can enter hell. Biomes will require a bit of travel to create new chunks though.

Yeah, I know, but rather than start with a world with a bunch of torches already converted to lanterns, I'd like to up the challenge a bit by having to start from scratch with the no-longer-infinite torches update in place.

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