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King Krush
Does anyone have any idea how long it will take the modders to update Tekkit to 1.3, now that it's out? Have some modders quit modding? A friend of mine is experimenting with a Tekkit server but it is still on 1.2.5 and I told him I'd look around and see if I could find an estimate on how long it'd take to update all the mods for Tekkit.

Advertising my PVP Server
Living in your head - Izuchi

Basic rules:
Donations welcome, not required - but quicker funds access for town wanters happen when you donate :)
Don't TNT crap, or i smack you. Seriously xD
Spawn should be fairly clear of mobs, check the chest for goodies - report via forums if the chest is empty (OR check if an op is online)

Other info:
I'm still in exam period, so i'm not always on... but i'm on US weekends sorta, and it's only about a few more days before i'm on break for the semester until july. When july hits, i'll be sporadic during the week - i'm inviting loads of people to our wee 24 slot server, mainly because it'd be cool to see what people can do :)

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Why doesn't my F3 work? I press it and nothing happens. I hold F3 + FN (I'm on a laptop) and nothing happens. I hold F3 + shift and... yeah, nada. I just updated my Java and I'm running on optifine but it never worked before then either. What gives?

Note to self...
Aegis (by <lj user="film2edit">)
Note to self: Never again build a Nether Portal on a PvP server. When nine of the 12 people on the server suddenly come through the portal from the Nether side and ransack the place making off with fifteen full doublechests of goods, it's your own fault.

Anyone else got horror stories of losing major bases in PvP? I was a lone wolf with no trap making skill far far out in the wild (so I wouldn't be found) --- fair game.

Cool texture packs? Mods? Recs please!
So I love trying out new texture packs and mods, and I was wondering. Does anyone have any favorites that they'd be willing to share? I'm not that picky when it comes to these things, and I can spend hours fiddling around with pretty much anything.  Though, I do tend to have more fun dabbling with the fandom themed things (e.g. Fallout, Legend of Zelda, Star Wars) when it comes to texture packs, so I'd definitely love for some of those to be sent my way.  Mod wise, I'll try anything so long as it's not too painfully out of date or buggy (though I'm not sure why someone would favor a buggy mod :/ )

Anyway, thanks for reading :)

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Since I'm still totally new... I've bounced on a couple different multiplayer servers looking around but as I travel I keep running across the same problem (other than being outright ignored on chat as far as I can tell) --- there seems to be an absolute lack of pigs/sheep/cows no matter how far I wander in order to find a nice spot to build my first shelter close to a water source. How can I get around this? Just keep walking and using /sethome to set a spot close to where I last starved to death each time, until some animals are -finally- generated?

I've seen a lot of mentions of Bukkit and several other mods, do I need to download them myself like a texture pack or new skin or is it all server side so I don't need to worry about it?

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Trust in Coyote
I've never actually played Minecraft but I am looking into it for something new to do. I've glanced at the wiki(s?) to get a general idea of things... I had an idea for an underground "supply depot" where mats could be stored/traded between players... is that possible? Or would it get griefed/robbed into oblivion on a public server? I'm looking more towards playing on a social server of some kind rather than someone's private one, if I buy the game.

русское сообщество по майнкрафту доступно по адресу ru_minecraft, присоединяйтесь

Glass textures?
Does anybody have some good recommendations for glass textures? I really don't like the default look of glass in Minecraft. It's too hard to see through because of all the "reflected light" on the blocks. I'm working on making a big aquarium to lure a nearby squid into and I want to be able to actually see him through the glass when I'm done. I've been looking around but so far haven't had anything jump out at me as being the perfect glass look for my aquarium.

how do you find a good multiplayer server?
I've never tried playing on multiplayer but I've been watching Yogscast and it's awesome and it makes me want to do collaborative projects, build a city or something.

How do you find a good server with nice people and it's not too likely to get griefed? That's what I'm afraid of, that we'll work really hard then someone will come and blow it up for lulz.

Here's my latest project in single player, I'm building The Aquadome. I might expand it to an Atlantis-type village, with more underwater domes. But it would be cool if I could work with other people.


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