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Minecraft: Day 6 and 7 on Ulane
minecraft, grass block
meplayinggames wrote in minecraft
Today will be a day of resource gathering. While the stone here is useful for tools, to deal with the disgusting mire I slipped into last night will require a bucket. The notes I have indicate that there is iron and I need to obtain 3 units to create a bucket. I'm delving down into the earth, wish me luck!

Well, it turns out that being underground severely alters one's perception of time. Two full days have passed me by as I was below digging. Unfortunately, I have not come across more than 2 units of iron. I really do wish to get to the bottom of the mire mystery (although I have a terrible feeling it is sewage that we were all standing in, *shudder*). There was much copper and a few crystals in which I was able to create a grinding device that increases the output of the ores I obtain. It is an excellent concept.

It was a long few days, to bed, I say!

FTB Presents Direwolf20
YouTube series 1.10.2
Added mods:
Sleeping Bag, Betteracievements, Enchanting plus, More overlays, Recall stones, Simply jetpacks 2, Finder compass, Tinkers leveling, Inventory tweaks, Gendustry, Decocraft 2, AE2 stuff, Openblocks elevator, , More bees, Project red (all), Soul shards: the old ways, Natura, Bibliocraft


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