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Not-FLoB Revisited
aj_hyena wrote in minecraft
So in an effort to be more social, I've decided starting next month I'm going to go ahead and start a map walking from spawn to the edge of the map, kind of like FLoB. But I've also decided that in an effort to be friendly (and to get viewers, sure), I'm going to give out gift codes for Minecraft if I get more than 25 (curse the limit of 50) viewers at "halftime" (streaming 3 hours a night until I hit the edge).

Later I'm considering asking for donations except instead of donating to charity I'd just dump all the donations into more gift codes and award the codes to random chatters in the livestream, not making any profit. (I'd drain the donation funds every night, so if there's $120 donated, I award 4 codes during the stream, if there's just $30 or so, that's one code, etc).

Anyone know if there's anything I should be paying attention to, or if it's illegal to hold such a "drawing via donations", or...? Would I have any interest?

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Contact me via AIM (Succubus Rydia) or LJ message and let's set something up. I haven't done one in a week, since the last one had 2 viewers. I even posted to /b/ and not even the trolls would come out.

Also, is it just me or is the new mcpatcher a pile of shit? I can't use HD textures at the moment because of it...

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