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Let's see if I regret posting this.
aj_hyena wrote in minecraft
As someone with no experience in running a server or being mod or admin anywhere, I decided to throw this out to the community here before committing to it. I didn't want to tell anyone before doing it so as to not have my idea stolen, but I figured, if it were even a viable idea, it would have already been done by now.

*PvP Hardcore. You die, you get banned, that's that. If you die in the real world you don't respawn, so why should you in-game? (maybe a small donation of a couple of dollars would bring you back, I dunno)

Spawn itself is a 150x150 safe zone, has starting sets of gear for new people, etc.

300x300 block Towns identical in appearance are scattered across the map at multiple places at intervals of 700 to 1000 blocks all the way out to say 30 or 40K, in a symetrical pattern. Towns are protected from damage/editing (though defenses can be built around them). For a donation to the server costs you can live at one/use it as a base/get perms to edit it or something.

Chat is disabled. You want to talk, coordinate with friends on other programs.

The "owner" of the village (paid for by high donations for server costs) rules over it as a fiefdom --- what they say goes within its limits (they'd have to outline their rules on signs, of course, what with chat disabled). If people don't wish to hang out in the towns they're free to explore and establish bases, or I'd teleport them far from the furthest town and let them fend for themselves.

Once a month (on the 15th), the protection on the towns goes down, and it's a free for all. Each town or city has a single Chiseled Stone Brick (since it can't be crafted normally AFAIK) that, if removed and brought back to spawn, will cause that city to be razed to the ground and the lord will either abandon it or have to rebuild into something bigger and better. If the lord dies (and is thus banned), anyone bringing back the brick becomes the new lord. Or maybe it can be bought via big donation.

If someone brings back the Chiseled Stone Brick and causes a town to be razed during those 24 hours, that town's inhabitants each receive an equal portion of the "spoils of war" (paypal; whatever's left in the "pot" after server costs are met for the month, or maybe a set amount based on the amount of resources brought in and stored, like a dollar per block of iron, or something, I dunno). Naturally, since the further from spawn a city is the more valuable it is, since it takes longer to bring the Chiseled Stone Brick back. (and is therefore more expensive in "donations" to live in or rule at...)

That's just a general outline... what do you think? Am I a complete idiot, or is something like this actually do-able or has been done, or is it illegal because of the use of actual money changing hands due to the spoils of war concept? I'm ignorant, enlighten me.

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I'd have to say that this wouldn't work on a number of levels. People would spend all their time honing their skills, just waiting for neophytes to show up at spawn just to kill them. Yeah, you can protect spawn, but people have to leave SOME time. Why bother doing anything else?

Or - you spend all your time building up, mining, gathering, etc. and then someone comes up and stabs you while you're not looking and that's IT? Or you get poisoned and pushed off a cliff by a particularly nasty spider and you don't get to come back? That wouldn't fly at all.

Also, people who are able to pay more money should get small perks, not significant to extreme advantages. That's completely unfair.

And...exactly what would "go" in these "fiefdoms"? Behavior and attitude wouldn't count for a damn thing if chat were disabled and nobody could help or hinder.

And speaking of which: chat being disabled is EXTREMELY terrifying. I don't know these random people I might play with and I sure as shit don't want them knowing my private info like my screen name or email address. Those are just a couple of steps away from finding out my real name.

I do like your idea about once a month the protections around the towns being gone and people having to defend their towns, but it would have to last for a very short time (like half a day) in order to be worth it.

The "spoils of war": I don't think it's illegal, per se, but it'd be a lot of headache for very little reward. You'd have to file IRS paperwork and send W2s and it'd just be a mess.

I don't want to discourage you from this idea, but I'm thinking this should be a "tournament" style server, not a public one. People would pay entrance fees and come away with prizes; that way, the extra time spent on the paperwork would be justified, as would the draconian rules set in place. Chat shouldn't be completely turned off, but it should be on cooldown, say, one message every minute, or something. That's just my take on the whole thing.

(BTW, I fixed my computer and played this morning. Helped a bunch of new people out - mainly by answering "how do I protected house?" over and over, and booted a beggar. Wish I could have banned, but I don't have that power yet.)

Paperwork? Eeeeeeewwwwww... no thanks. That alone would be enough to dissuade me.

I like the "tournament" idea, though...

The fiefdoms as it were would just be standard towns; I just called it fiefdoms because the "lord" would have absolute rule.

And I haven't been on in a couple days, if you mean a particular server --- no more reason to defend it, as it were, since it's all protected and pvp has been removed. Still, if you're on, I'll go back on. :)

Also found a few survival games servers, and something called The Walls. Maybe we could team up sometime.

Well, it would only be if the "prizes" were substantial enough. More than $500 and you have to get peoples' SSNs and send a W-2 and...yeah. But yeah, maybe have like a regular server, y'know, supported by donations and what not, and then a tournament where people signed up, paid, I dunno, $5, then whoever won got to take a quarter or half the pot or whatever, y'know, depending on how many people entered.

And by survival games do you mean like Hunger Games? Where everyone is dropped into an arena, food and weapons are hidden randomly, and you can't build or break anything? 'Cause those are AWESOME. Over fast, but damn fun.

I mentioned this over on a place I know with several MC fans. Immediate response was 'They'll just put lava traps around the spawn, surely'.

Personally the whole thing with those so-called 'donations' bugs the h*** out of me, *especially* the 'Pay enough, and you own a town' aspect.

This does sort of already exist. This is an RP server group that maintains something like you described. It isn't very active (at least not at the same times I was playing, I have since stopped going to this server, life got in the way of playing)

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