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aj_hyena wrote in minecraft
If I were to start livestreaming a minecraft game as a regular "something to do" (1.3 vanilla); would anyone be interested in watching? I could call it "the adventures of crafter man" or something.

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I think maybe I'm misunderstanding - would it be live, real-time video while you're playing? I'm not sure if I'd be able to watch it live, with my schedule, but I like watching Let's Play type videos on YouTube. Especially if they're funny like Yogscast!

It would be live, with a set schedule if I got enough interest to get enough viewers to make it worthwhile. I'd turn it into an ongoing thing if interest is there. I've never completed the game in survival, and may try even a survival vanilla 1.2.5 tekkit server. Since I know -nothing- about machines, those with knowledge could help me as I went.

I...don't get why watching someone else play Minecraft is interesting. it'd be like sitting in your friend's living room watching them play xbox games.

It's just something to do, someplace to go and be social or something. I see all these people get quite a bunch of followers so I figure why not try livestreaming, especially since I don't know how to do a lot of easy things that "everyone else knows". It'd be fun to laugh at my stupid mistakes as I get blown up by 3 creepers at a time :)

I might watch it, whats your youtube username?

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