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I love this texture pack to death. There are many customization options, be sure to explore all of it. :) There is an option for a very subtle glass texture, seen here:

Is it at all possible to leave out some of the options they have there? I want to keep default squid but they don't seem to have a default option or a way to unmark all squid choices. there's been a couple others that I'd rather leave as defaults, too.

Oh, and there's
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Oh, and there's <a href"http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/69354-64x166-misas-realistic-updated-26may/">Misa's realistic pack</a> too

Have you tried looking at Painterly? They offer a variety of glas. I have a completely customized look for minecraft myself with clear glass.

Dokucraft has really nice glass! :)

Just edit the normal texture in photoshop/gimp, you could lower the opacity of the just the light reflections and keep the squid tex the same

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