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The one I've been watching so far is jx23 (currently 44 episodes). His is more of an unintentional "What NOT to do when playing Minecraft" series, but I still like his commentary.

I do kind of want to watch some of these others at some point, though.

As for actually playing the game, when I heard about the upcoming Halloween update, I decided to lay off for a bit and wait for that, and then start a new game when it gets here.

The Halloween update won't require you to make a new world to see all the features, in case that's why you were taking a break for now. Just plop down an obsidian portal in an existing world and you can enter hell. Biomes will require a bit of travel to create new chunks though.

Yeah, I know, but rather than start with a world with a bunch of torches already converted to lanterns, I'd like to up the challenge a bit by having to start from scratch with the no-longer-infinite torches update in place.

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