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Minecraft: Day 12 on Ulane
minecraft, grass block
meplayinggames wrote in minecraft
I decided to take a break from improving the hovel and take a stroll. Enjoyed a nice dip in the private pond by the hovel and then set out for a walk. I did not get very far when I realized there was another mire pit near my abode and I headed back, grabbed my stacks of sand and got to work. The sheep here are stupid. As I'm filling in the hole, one them jumps in next to me! I feel terrible for the guy because there is no way to get him out when that happens. Maybe I can be creative and save him, but I'm not going to be hopeful just yet.

Late afternoon, after I run out of sand, I head to the Desert Village to replenish my supply. I realize I don't have time to go sand gathering, but I am able to harvest the crops post-haste and run back to the hovel. Perhaps I'll create a lighted, fenced in pathway from my hovel to town and that will be a slightly safer way to travel to and fro.
FTB Presents Direwolf20
YouTube series 1.10.2
Added mods:
Sleeping Bag, Betterachievements, Enchanting plus, More overlays, Recall stones, Simply jetpacks 2, Finder compass, Tinkers leveling, Inventory tweaks, Gendustry, Decocraft 2, AE2 stuff, Openblocks elevator, , More bees, Project red (all), Soul shards: the old ways, Natura, Bibliocraft


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