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Minecraft: Day 9 on Ulane
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meplayinggames wrote in minecraft
How I wish I had brought the texts of the former explorers with me to this place. I am slowly recalling the information from them, but it would be much more expedient if I could look it up! I remembered that light was important. At first I thought this to mean just sunlight, but it also means torchlight and a highly lauded item called a "redstone torch". I have not come across this yet, but if I do, I see why it was so invaluable. Especially since this morning was plagued with the explosive creatures in my backyard, blocking my passage from my hovel to the village. I did what I could to clean up the mess they made, but I needed to move on with my day!

Negotiations with the villagers went splendidly and I began planting at once. I have provided the village with over 20 new varieties of fruits, vegetables and grains. I am excited to see what will come of all of it! Again, losing track of the time, night fell while I was in the village and I have to stay here. The abode in which I find myself confined is that of an apiarist with hives out back surrounded by a fence. The night denizens cannot get past the fence, however I can strike at them. It does not save me from the sneaky explosive ones or the skeletons with arrows, but I can slay the zombies.

I am sad to report there are fewer villagers here than when I first arrived, but I heard no shouts this night. I do not know how to feel about that.
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Added mods:
Sleeping Bag, Betterachievements, Enchanting plus, More overlays, Recall stones, Simply jetpacks 2, Finder compass, Tinkers leveling, Inventory tweaks, Gendustry, Decocraft 2, AE2 stuff, Openblocks elevator, , More bees, Project red (all), Soul shards: the old ways, Natura, Bibliocraft


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