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Minecraft: Day 8 on Ulane
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meplayinggames wrote in minecraft
I decided to sleep and continue the mining and underground exploration. The first half of the day, picking about under the stony earth of Ulane. However, I realized I needed a change of pace. I was still not finding the resources I needed and a good walking about was needed. I equipped myself with weapons and tools and headed north, parallel to the Redwood Forest to see what I could find in that direction.

I was not disappointed with my venture. There is more edibles in this world than I previously believed! While the potatoes from the desert village are excellent when cooked, my palate had been wanting a change. Root veggies, peppers and berries! I should be able to make a respectable meal out of those. Once I get that sludge pit filled in and perhaps fence in the sheep for breeding, I could even add a delicious meat variety to it!

As the sun set, I found myself atop a hill with a what I believe is a sakura tree. I have dubbed it "Pink Tree Hill" and I intend to return. However, as is with this world, I had to veritably RUN back to my hovel as the night denizens appeared. Such unfriendly creatures here. Nonetheless, I will content myself will cooking this evening until it is time to retire. In the morning, I shall visit the desert village and see if I can use their crop space. I have to means of carrying water at this time and they could use some variety in their dishes. Man cannot live on wheat and potatoes alone. Well, he probably can, but it makes for many boring meals.

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Added mods:
Sleeping Bag, Betterachievements, Enchanting plus, More overlays, Recall stones, Simply jetpacks 2, Finder compass, Tinkers leveling, Inventory tweaks, Gendustry, Decocraft 2, AE2 stuff, Openblocks elevator, , More bees, Project red (all), Soul shards: the old ways, Natura, Bibliocraft


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